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Sales Policies

Deposit Policy

Kids will be posted on a first come, first serve basis unless previously reserved. Those who have reservations will be contacted in order of reservation and must respond within 24 hours to confirm.  

Once a kid is chosen, at this point a 50% non-refundable deposit must be made to hold the kid until pickup. Remaining balance is due at time of pickup. 

If in the unfortunate circumstance that a kid becomes ill or does not survive, a deposit can be refunded or used towards the purchase of another kid at any time. This is the only situation in which a deposit will be refunded. 

Important Notes

 We do not offer pet goats at this time.  

We reserve the right to retain kids from any of our breedings, at any time. 

Prices of all kids are subject to change upon evaluation of the dams udder and the kids themselves. Any changes will be communicated immediately to potential buyers.

There may be instances where we prefer to sell certain kids to a performance home. This will be disclosed in the sales advertisement.  

Picking up your kid

Kids will be ready to be picked up between 10-12 weeks old depending on the animal. We ensure that kids are ready to be on their own before leaving to their new homes.

If ground transport is being arranged, the buyer is responsible for all fees, testing and health certificates associated with the transport of the kid. We reserve the right to decline use of certain transporters. We do not airship kids at this time.

Kids will come with their registration papers, tattooed, disbudded, coccidia prevention and given their CDT vaccination. 

All of our kids are disbudded - no exceptions

How our kids are raised

Most of our kids are dam raised. We enjoy dam raising and it is what works best for our farm & life. We do offer bottles to those that take them with ease to help with the socialization process. Our herd is very small and we spend a lot of time with the kids from the day they are born until the day they leave. Occasionally there will be a shy kid - these kids will be offered with full disclosure at a discounted price.

We begin separating our kids from their dams at night around 3 weeks of age. Kids will be let out in the mornings and stay with their dams all day.

Our kids are free choice creep fed 20% Kent Show Goat Enrich medicated with Rumensin for the prevention of coccidiosis. All kids sold are given a 5 day course of Sulfamed prior to leaving for their new home to prevent stress induced coccidia bloom. All goats are offered second cut hay , water, Sweetlix minerals and Zinpro 40 at all times. Our grain feeders and water buckets are cleaned with soap routinely and our barn is stripped out several times throughout the year. 

Health Guarantee

We guarantee that our kids are healthy before they leave our farm. The buyer will sign a sales contract agreeing that the animal is in good health at the time of pick-up. Any animals leaving on ground transport will be accompanied with a veterinary health certificate at the expense of the buyer. Veterinary examination for local pickups may be performed at the request and expense of the buyer. Once the animal leaves our property we are no longer responsible for any injury or illness.

All of our animals over 1 year of age are tested annually for CAE, CL and Johnes disease through WADDL laboratory. We follow strict bio-security measures at our farm and would be happy to discuss our methods with you. Interested buyers may request to see our test results at any time. 

If an animal is discovered to have a genetic abnormality (extra teat, orfice, freemartin) - a replacement will be offered upon proof provided by photograph and/or veterinary documentation. We do not guarantee height of Nigerian dwarfs. 

Adult animals for sale

We enjoy keeping a small & manageable herd and therefore we will have adult animals for sale at times . If you are interested in purchasing an adult animal from us, feel free to contact us with your interests even if the animal is not listed for sale. If an adult animal is offered for sale, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold the animal. Adult animals must be picked up or have transport arranged/booked within 2 weeks of deposit. We will hold an animal for transport for a reasonable amount of time as we understand transports are not always readily available however after 30 days from date of purchase,  a boarding fee of $5 per day will be applied. 

Payment Methods

We currently accept Paypal, Venmo and cash as methods of payment.

Kids and adult goats must be paid in full before leaving the farm, no exceptions.

All buyers are required to read and sign our sales contract before purchasing an animal. 

Feel free to email us or find us on Facebook if you have any questions! We look forward to meeting you!



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